Re: commit: Fix flicker on rulers. Various speed ups for big docs.

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Sat Sep 27 2003 - 11:38:57 EDT

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    > More speed ups later. Now I want to add a method to the graphics class so
    > that we can (finally) draw on top of images.
    > This method will fill a rectangle on screen with a rectangle over a
    > fg_Graphic class.

    to allow for this, we need to refactor our current drawing methods, and not just patch in new stuff imo. I have an old quote that I would like (to see) implemented:

    "if a run is transparent, it should ask its parent to draw into the given rectangle, until the parent isn't transparent or the parent == document"

    this would solve this issue, as well as stuff like highlighting text in table cells that have a background color set.


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