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From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 22:16:14 EDT

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    Enchant has a function called "enchant_dict_exists".
    You pass in a language tag and see if your language is

    Gnome-Spell code essentially has what you want. I'm
    not willing to add it to enchant - it's too odd to do
    properly. Espescially for libraries like aspell that
    don't give you a call to enumerate their dicitonaries
    or supported languages.

    My suggestion is to go down the gnome-spell route if
    you need such a feature.


    --- Torstein Sunde <>
    > I couldn't find a function in the Enchant code that
    > creates a list of
    > available dictionaries. Maybe I've overlooked
    > something, otherwise I'll
    > suggest such a function.
    > This would mean that it wouldn't be necessary for
    > each application to
    > either let the user type a tag or query enchant for
    > all possible
    > languages. A list of possible languages to ask for,
    > like the one in
    > Gnome-spell, may become outdated; it's better that
    > only Enchant handles
    > this. (Even with the Enchant patch, there are
    > dictionaries for aspell
    > that aren't listed in Gnome-spell: cy and ro.)
    > It would also make it more attractive to use Enchant
    > in apps that now
    > only use aspell, since the latter provides such a
    > function, AFAIK.
    > (Used in e.g. Sylpheed-Claws.)
    > For each language, the following should be listed,
    > if available:
    > - Language tag ("en_UK", "de_DE", "es_ES", ...);
    > filename minus
    > extension if unavailable ("british", "deutsch",
    > ...)
    > - Local name of language ("UK English", "Deutsch",
    > "Espaņol", ...);
    > English name if local name unavailable.
    > - Encoding of local name (iso-8859-*, UTF-8, ...)
    > I believe it's sufficient that applications display
    > the local names of
    > the languages. This also reduces the need for
    > translation.
    > If a speller (aspell?) provides a function that
    > lists the available
    > dictionaries, that function should be used.
    > Otherwise the dictionary
    > directory should be scanned. In the latter case,
    > it's better that
    > languages unknown to Enchant (e.g. not listed in
    > ispell_map[] of
    > ispell_checker.cpp) are shown with filenames as tags
    > instead of not
    > being listed at all.
    > Comments?

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