Re: Bug 5812 & fribidi includes

Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 01:58:45 EDT

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    On 21 Sep 2003 at 11:38, Francis James Franklin wrote:

    > The nice bug reporter has pointed out that I've been blaming fribidi
    > for abi's bug all these years (well, months).
    > abi includes fribidi's header using
    > #include <fribidi/fribidi.h>
    > but thise should be just
    > #include <fribidi.h>
    > I can fix it easily enough so abi's auto* & diving-make builds are okay
    > but not the other build systems.
    > What's not clear to me is why it was ever <fribidi/fribidi.h> and
    > whether correcting this will cause problems.
    > Thoughts?

    Hi fjf,

    the reason we use <fribidi/fribidi.> is, IIRC, because in earlier versions
    of Fribidi the include files went directly into one of the include
    directories but with the arrival of 0.10 series, they went into a fribidi
    subdirectory. By using <fribidi/fribidi.h> we always include the 0.10.x
    header file, even if there is a older version of fribidi on the system.



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