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From: M. Fioretti (
Date: Sat Sep 20 2003 - 04:19:58 EDT

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    Mandatory introduction: we are drifting off topic, so this is my last
    mail to the list on the subjects below. I will happily continue this
    discussion offline if anybody is interested. Other technical feedback
    is welcome, of course.

    On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 07:12:26 at 07:12:26AM +0100, ( wrote:
    > On 18 Sep 2003 at 21:40, M. Fioretti wrote:
    > > Users should simply ask their governments to accept and release all
    > > electronics documents in truly open formats, independent from any
    > > single application, even if it is Microsoft office. Because it is
    > > right. Period.
    > That is so utterly na´ve that I can hardly believe anybody can even
    > consider this an argument:

    Even if it may be almost impossible to realize (I obviously disagree
    on this) it would still be right. Right and doable are extremely
    different concepts.

    With respect to your specific points:

    PDF is read only, so it is just off topic when it comes to
    collaborative work.

    > ... in politics money talks, and so companies like MS will be heard
    > clear and loud.

    Exactly my point, again. I may *sound* na´ve, but I'm extremely
    practical. OASIS means Boeing, IBM, Sun, Oracle and similar others
    much more likely to be listened by governments than normal citizens.
    With that committee they happen to be doing something which I consider
    technically right *AND* in the public interest. Hence, I'm with them
    on this *even* if they certainly are for profit companies voted to
    please their stock holders just like Microsoft.

    Finally, if this is an utopia, is not an Open Source one. If formats
    are open and not tied to any single application everybody can develop
    or use any combination of software with whatever license. Nobody is
    *forced* to use "Free" software. I'm perfectly fine with that.

    Thank you for your time,

          Marco Fioretti

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