Commit (STABLE, HEAD): Revert another regressive patch (PLEASE READ)

From: Mark Gilbert (
Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 16:03:40 EDT

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    I reverted martin's win32 charwidths patch (that was based on Tomas'
    First of all, I (and on behalf of the dev crew in general) greatly
    appreciate all the hard work being put in by so many to resolve these
    win32 issues. The advice, testing, and patches are all more than
    welcome, strongly encouraged. HOWEVER, due to the volatile nature of
    the code (as evidenced by the roller coaster ride of fixes and ensuing
    regressions), please refrain from committing anything (pertaining to the
    win32 render problems) that hasn't been verified by Mike Pritchett, KJD,
    and TomasF. Patches are wonderful but should stay just that, patches,
    until verified. Send them to the list and let others test (others,
    whoever you may be, please do test).
    Furthermore, while 2-0 shall indeed remain rather active for a while
    (with bug fixes, documentation, and any work that can't be done amidst
    the insanity of HEAD), it is still a STABLE branch. It needs to stay
    that way. No non-approved non-trivial commits. Even after a
    backportable patch has been committed to HEAD, that extra level of
    verification must be attained before it is committed to STABLE.
    Again, I really appreciate the work being done, but it must be "done"
    before it is committed.

    Best regards
    On behalf of Joe's Bait and Tackle

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