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Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 04:58:41 EDT

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    Hello all,

    I foward this message to the list as I think it could be of interest for
    all the people who maintain the AbiWord translation files for minority
    (This applies in fact for all the languages that are not handled by

    Any comment/input welcome :-)

    Best Regards,

    Hello Jordi,

    I go back to you to know if you think it is worth filling an "SPR" (Software
    problem report)
    for the following issue ? I look at the problem and we find a quick solution
    to translate
    the windows system boxes using a hook procudure. Our solution rely on the
    strings labels values
    and not on the labels ids so it works for the French (and English) versions
    of Windows. But doing a
    solution that works for all the systems whatever is the language would be
    also really straight forward.


    Let me know what you think about it,

    Thank you,

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    Here are some general comments about translation (apply to the Windows

    I have seen that some system boxes (« Search », « Replace » or again «
    Insert image ») have been redefined.

    This is a very good thing indeed because for minority languages like Breton,
    Welsh, Sardinian, (and likely Catalan) ... the system boxes use the Windows
    sytem language (French for Breton, English for Welsh, Italian for Sardinian,

    I would be very pleased if you could do this «redefinition» job for all the
    For example here are boxes that need redefinition:

    - « Color box ».
    - « Yes/No » or « Yes/No/Cancel» boxes.
    - Open/Save/Save As/ boxes
    - ...

    Keep up the good work !

    Philippe for KAD (

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