Re: problem: windows does not render text properly

Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 12:08:10 EDT

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    > Hello everyone,
    > IMHO (and I really meant it), I think that 2.0 should not be release
    > until we fix bug 5748
    > ( It makes the
    > Windows build look bad and unusable in certain situations. Look at the
    > screen capture. This bug is due to the changes made in the
    > gr_Win32Graphics.cpp in the past few days.

    Jordi, I asked Win developers to test this commit. They all said it worked
    and was much better than before. To me this means that the initial reviews
    of 2.0 will not see this bug. I spent a *LOT* of time trying to fix
    windows in the last week which meant some easy to fix bugs missed the 2.0

    Sorry but I agree with Dom. 2.0 should go out now. We'll fix more bugs later.


    > Jordi,
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