and I was called paranoid and FUD-monger...

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Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 11:10:16 EDT

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    Microsoft Prepares Office Lock-in

    An anonymous reader writes "NEWS.COM has an article describing
    Office 2003's DRM features for documents[1]. This will not only
    coerce those running older versions of Office to upgrade, which
    has been a problem for MS in the last few years, but it will also
    shut out competing software, such as OpenOffice. Now think about
    this for a second. Even if the developers of a competing office
    suite could figure out how to get their software to open an
    Office 2003 document, doing so would be a DMCA violation, since
    they'd be bypassing an anti-circumvention device. I certainly hope
    the OpenOffice team will kick development into high gear. If there
    was a time we need a viable competitor to Office, it's now.

    [1] article: New Office locks down documents

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