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From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Tue Oct 28 2003 - 12:40:26 EST

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    > I never could reproduce it, even on Win32. It seems to
    > vary depending on who built the packages. You also
    > claim to have committed a fix for this. If you fixed
    > it, why can you reproduce it?

    I fixed another problem. Changes in the XP code made on win32 UTF-8 strings
    sent to the UI. Win32 cannot show UTF-8 directly, it needs to be converted. An
    user keep saying that still did not work for him, and then I saw that he was
    pointing out a different bug.

    > I'm guessing that there is a problem in one of a few
    > places:
    > 1) Iconv is not converting from UCS4->Latin1 properly
    > 2) The correct codepage for the spellchecker isn't
    > being specified
    > 3) There is a bug inside of our Ispell code
    > I don't know if people can reproduce this using
    > Enchant on Unix or on Win32. We can ask. It's always
    > "just worked" for me.

    I really do not know. But looking at this screen capture (I can reproduce the

    Cambiar a should show 'sÚ' and it is showing 's'e'. I saw similar problems
    related to how hash were compiled.



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