Re: WinInet vs. libcurt (was Re: Prototype: AbiWord using libgsf)

From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 10:46:22 EST

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    Leonard Rosenthol wrote:

    > At 12:47 AM +0100 10/27/03, Jordi Mas wrote:
    >> Windows system have a wininet.dll library that provides the same
    >> services (different API) that libcurl does.
    > Actually, it doesn't. WinInet is fine for a "hack", but isn't
    > usable for serious I/O - libcurl is MUCH more robust, flexible, and
    > faster. (and it's xp - which means we don't have to waste time
    > abstracting it).

    Is this a personal opinion or it is based on empirical facts?

    I have used libcurl under Linux and WinInet under win32. Both worked fine. I
    never have done intensive use for it, but they both worked well.

    I probably won't use wininet for a server application but it's more than fine
    for a client application.



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