WinInet vs. libcurt (was Re: Prototype: AbiWord using libgsf)

From: Leonard Rosenthol (
Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 09:34:34 EST

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    At 12:47 AM +0100 10/27/03, Jordi Mas wrote:
    >Windows system have a wininet.dll library that provides the same
    >services (different API) that libcurl does.

            Actually, it doesn't. WinInet is fine for a "hack", but
    isn't usable for serious I/O - libcurl is MUCH more robust, flexible,
    and faster. (and it's xp - which means we don't have to waste time
    abstracting it).

            FYI: libcurl for win32 sits directly on top of winsock.

    >To use libcurl to read remote file under win32 is unnecessary. Not
    >to mention that libcurl will not honor any possible proxy or
    >Internet settings that you have defined in your win32 system.

            I am not sure that is true, but even if it won't do it
    automatically, you CAN pass that info to libcurt.

            AND WinInet doesn't respect proxies at all! If you want
    proxy support, secure sockets, etc. you need to go beyond WinInet.


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