Re: Packaging wishes for 2.0.1

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Wed Oct 22 2003 - 09:11:22 EDT

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    On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 14:44:48 +0200 Hubert Figuiere <> wrote:

    HF> Hi,
    HF> I'm about to tag 2.0.1 for public release. However I have a few wishes
    HF> about how we should package it. Mainly for Windows users, but I think
    HF> that even for UNIX other it should be done.
    HF> Currently lot of people says: "your .doc importer sucks. I don't have
    HF> images. etc." When looking closely at the guilty document, it appears
    HF> that the document contains JPEG, WMF or BMP images embedded. Not having
    HF> plugins installed will make these to be ignored, and users unhappy,
    HF> which we don't like.
    HF> So, what I'd like it that default installer for Windows, and packages
    HF> for UNIX includes the following plugins:
    HF> -BMP
    HF> -WMF
    HF> -JPEG
    HF> I don't care which one is used, but we need the capabilities to decode
    HF> these image fileformat.
    HF> If you have any objections, feel free to speak up. I'm willing to delay
    HF> the release for a few days if you need to make changes in the
    HF> installer.
    HF> Hub

    I object to adding them to the installer. BMP is already there and
    required, so my objections are about the other two. We don't yet
    build the WMF plugin on Windows (at least I have yet to try it).
    Any plugin that requires third party libraries (libwmf2 and libjpeg)
    should not be added as a requirement for the installer to
    succeed. If a user needs to support these image file formats, said
    user should install the plugins! Otherwise why have them as a plugin?
    WMF I could be swayed to adding as a build option, if someone makes
    an argument similar to the one for BMP, i.e. some/most Windows apps
    may expect others to support it. Either we add all plugins* to the
    installer or we expect users to install the components they need.

    A better fix instead of simply including the extra plugins would
    be to notify the user when an image is encounterd that could be
    supported, but isn't because the user has yet to install an optional
    image importer.

    Alternately, we drop the BMP plugin as a requirement and simply
    add the ImageMagick plugin to the Windows build, then all the
    image formats we possibly support on Windows are there with a
    single plugin.

    My opinion can be swayed or others can make the changes
    for Windows (just don't break building abi core if the 3rd party
    libraries don't exist so the plugins can't be built).


    * Actually once 2.0.1 is released I plan on making a setup like
    this also available along with the standard slim setup with plugins
    in a separate package.

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