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Date: Mon Oct 13 2003 - 11:25:49 EDT

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    >> Instant Zoom returns, faster than ever...
    >> Do this by simply changing the ZoomPercentage member
    >> variable in the
    >> graphics class, increment the graphic counter
    >> variable in fl_DocLayout
    >> and redraw. We keep the current hash of fonts. I
    >> should have done this
    >> in the first place.
    > Great.
    >> BUT Dom's changes still mean we have to rebuild the
    >> layout structures
    >> for printing. So no more instant printing which is a
    >> pity, unless Dom
    >> can workout how to transfer the font cache info
    >> directly from one
    >> graphics class to another (other than rebuilding the
    >> whole document).
    > It is a fallacy to think that the fonts are
    > transferrable across graphics classes, especially for
    > printing. They are different objects, with different
    > resolutions, allocated from Different GCs. "Don't do
    > this."

    Yes. You're right. But how come instant print used to work on unix? I
    guess the findFont mechanism in the run classes created the new fonts as
    needed as the the runs were being drawn. If there some way we can do this
    for all platforms?


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