Re: What's the status of bug [Bug 5748] - Char widths are not properly calculated?]

Date: Sun Oct 05 2003 - 08:47:29 EDT

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    >> The character Widths and heights should be exactly the same for for
    >> the same run no matter what the zoom is. That is the secret of the new
    >> layout engine.
    >> The minus thing should go in anyway. It prolly helps get the font
    >> right. I suspect that Windows will always screwup at 25% zoom because
    >> it appears to be trying to "fix" the insane small font size requests
    >> we send it at that very small zoom.
    > 1. I do think that there is a problem with Windows GDI. I believe that
    > when you work with big font sizes (that's what we do currently) in a DC
    > Windows do not always returns proper char widths or we lose precission
    > somehow in the conversions.
    > 2. The only way that I make it working is applying the following patch,
    > that's basically deactivating the new scaling code.
    > 3. With this patch the number of pages of the document when you zoom is
    > not consistant.
    > My personal opinion is to commit this patch. At least you can type and
    > see that you type properly.

    OK Jordi thanks. A couple more questions.

    1. Is this the full patch that your to commit?

    2. As it stands now the only difference that I can see between the current
    code this is the use of negative values for the fonts sizes.


    #define NEW_SCALE 0

    means that NEW_SCALE is defined. So code following a #if NEW_SCALE is

    #if NEW_SCALE
    .. This code is included..

    So if you're happy with the result of the code I say go ahead and commit
    and we'll ask other Win users/developers to try out the 2.0 branch and
    tell us what they think.



    > Thanks,
    > --
    > Jordi Mas i Hernāndez (homepage

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