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From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Nov 06 2003 - 20:41:32 EST

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    I don't want to be a downer, but I think that this is
    horribly counter-productive in general and
    destabilizing for the Abi tree. In short, I don't
    think that anything will come of it. But I'd love to
    be proven wrong.

    If I had time to work on such a presentation program,
    I don't think that I'd base it on the Abi framework.
    At least not as things currently stand. There's 5+
    years of accumulated cruft, hacks and misdesign in
    there that need to be addressed before Abi moves on to
    2.2 - let alone the perils I see arising when we
    create a sister project.

    Getting a presentation presentation program off the
    ground needs a handful of sharp and fresh minds. Minds
    whose willingness and dedication are virtually
    unparalleled. And while I think we have some
    preliminary interest (even from sharp minds like
    Martin), I don't think that we have the community of
    sharp minds that I think will be necessary for *Show
    to be a success, let alone get off the ground.


    --- Martin Sevior <>
    > Hi Folks,
    > I've thought some more on Marc's AbiShow
    > proposal and I now
    > mostly agree with him.
    > I think it unlikely that the Abi code base will be
    > used for anything
    > other text-based applications.
    > Things like Word processors (!), Presentation
    > Programs, (AbiShow), Print
    > Master clones "AbiPrint ?" or maybe DTP software
    > "AbiPage ?"
    > The original developers of Abi has a much grander
    > vision and though in
    > terms of Spreadshets, database tools, graphics
    > programs etc..
    > Consequently the xap* part of our code base is
    > rather sparse.
    > If we instead go with the idea that we stick with
    > the more limited set
    > of programs, we might as well do as Marc suggested
    > and do a move of a
    > large fraction of wp into xap.
    > Specifically these are:
    > ap_Dialog_Background.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Break.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Columns.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Field.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_FormatFootnotes.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_FormatTable.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Goto.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_HdrFtr.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_InsertBookmark.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Insert_DateTime.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_InsertHyperlink.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_InsertTable.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_ListRevisions.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Lists.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_MailMerge.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_MarkRevisions.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_MergeCells.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_New.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_PageNumbers.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_PageSetup.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Paragraph.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Replace.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Spell.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Styles.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Stylist.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_Tab.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_ToggleCase.cpp
    > ap_Dialog_WordCount.cpp
    > ap_Preview_Abi.cpp
    > ap_Preview_Paragraph.cpp
    > ap_Ruler.cpp
    > In the interests of getting AbiShow up and running
    > quickly, I also
    > suggest we fork ap_Frame*, ap_App*, ap_EditMethods,
    > ap_Menu*,
    > ap_Toolbar* into
    > show/ap
    > We also need two extra modes for fv_View.
    > 1. Editting show pages.
    > 2. running abishow
    > We need to make new fv_View::_draw methods for
    > drawing when in these
    > contexts.
    > We also need extra mouse contexts for running
    > abishow.
    > However we could get a program that display's static
    > Abiword pages on a
    > full screen and which advances with clicks rather
    > quickly.
    > At that point we could put out a call for volenteers
    > to work on AbiShow
    > and we'd also have a sensible framework for the
    > other types of text
    > based programs I mentioned.
    > OK those are my thoughts. Do others have views?
    > Cheers
    > Martin

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