Re: Commit: Localized normal.awt files

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 12:11:42 EDT

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    > I'm wondering if we can ultimately just scrap the
    > profiles in favour of normal.awt at some point?
    > If not, what is the dividing line about what belongs
    > in one place or the other?

    I'm hoping to move most/all of the useful information
    out of the system.profile files. I need to do some
    touch-up work to remove the RulerUnits and I *think*
    that the Bidi default right-to-left preference can go
    now that it's builtin to the normal.awt files.

    It does make sense to keep the normal.awt for what I'd
    call "more exotic" languages, basically to turn off
    SmartQuotes. I can't think of any other screw cases.

    What's the line? Well, a normal.awt (or MSWord file represents our default editing
    environment. Want to set the default document
    language, set the default font, set the writing mode
    for a language to be RTL dominant, or redefine some
    styles? Put it in normal.awt. Basically, anything that
    alters or represents the document itself should be in
    the template. Things that alter how AbiWord
    (bascially, UI behavior) behave on that document
    should be in preferences.

    > Also are our docs going to sufficient trouble to
    > educate users about normal.awt, how to make best use
    > of it, and what it can and cannot do?

    I plan on beefing up the docs, though they're pretty
    good already. Right now, things should "just work" a
    lot better than they did with the system.profile

    > I've never used under Word so I don't
    > know
    > much about this area.

    You did, you just didn't know about it since it was
    done transparently. And, hopefully, neither will our


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