Commit: Localized normal.awt files

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sun May 25 2003 - 21:51:29 EDT

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    This should go a long way toward addressing a lot of
    bugs. I'll find and close the specific ones shortly.

    Basically, I removed the PageSize and DocumentLocale
    settings from the System.Profile files. I'm not sure
    if the LTR/RTL preference can get scrapped too, since
    it's included in the "Normal" style and the <abiword
    props=""> sections of the normal.awt. Tomas will know
    the answer to this.

    So, this solves a lot of bugs. "Spelling resets to
    English", the ability to set different fonts for
    different locales (eg: David for Hebrew, MS Mincho for
    Japanese, ...), page sizes, ...

    I'll be able to scrap the ruler units preference
    shortly, based on the document's units, thus scrapping
    another needless pref and point of failure.

    PLATFORM MAINTAINERS: you'll have to remove a few
    controls from your Options dialog. When I scrap the
    units pref, there will be one more to remove too. This
    is a good thing (tm). Sorry for the temporary
    breakage, but I'm hoping it will be minor and the
    benefit far outweighs the cost.

    cvs up abi && abidistfiles


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