Re: Win32 keyboard broken!!!

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Sat May 24 2003 - 02:51:24 EDT

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     --- Tomas Frydrych <>
    wrote: >
    > Since the win32 Unicode patch Win32 keyboard is the
    > completely
    > broken: on my Win98SE I cannot input characters with
    > any other
    > keyboard layout than English (any non ASCII
    > characters come through
    > as the higher part of the ANSI page). That just
    > about leaves AW
    > unusable for me, and what's worse it makes it
    > impossible for me to
    > work on some bugs that are rather urgent -- I do not
    > want to step on
    > anyone's toes, but this is either needs to be fixed
    > straight away, or
    > the whole Unicode patch will need to be reverted.

    When I was working on this code a couple of years ago
    I had multiple Windows installations: Windows 95,
    Windows 98, and Windows 2000. I would test all my
    changes under all three OSes, and under different
    combinations of user locale and system locale,
    including Unicode-only locales on Windows 2000.

    I recommend this as the *only* way to work on such
    sensitive and important code. It's a lot of trouble
    but it's a lot less trouble than breaking the build
    for everybody else.

    I highly recommend VMWare for just this purpose too.
    In fact I wonder if we'd be able to get VMWare to
    donate us a license or two (:

    If you work on this code and can't test under all
    various input setups, then please just submit a patch
    rather than comitting directly to the tree. Especially
    so close to an important release.

    It would be very handy if some of our developers
    using non-western/exotic locales could volunteer to
    test such patches.

    Further, if anybody has an "exotic" Windows 98 install
    they no longer need, I would very much like to be able
    to test a Windows RTL OS (Hebrew or Arabic), and a
    Windows CJK OS (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean).

    Thanks for listening. Andrew Dunbar.

    > Tomas


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