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From: Eric Zen (ericzen@ez-net.com)
Date: Mon May 12 2003 - 11:26:04 EDT

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    By me, right now:

    This is not this bug:

    The forwarded conversation refers to overall inconsistency, not just the "We can't do it pretty on Windows" thing. Web pages, the about box, and probably the splash screen.

    CC'ing this to Jan to view Alan's toybox #8.
    In the world of Horkana, "tmp" means "until I need space for pr0n."

    I thought something about this was done some eons ago. This could result in minor (very minor, I would think) annoyance in 2.0 (if you think the pen logo comes out wrong, take a closer look at that ant head!).


    On 2003.05.12 03:24 Jan Christiansen wrote:

    OK, first "swoosh", then "ant" and finally "pen"! Then we have some trouble! The windows setup program is the "ant", the about dialog is the "ant" (and a very large one too), the "awn-support-ant" and not to forget there is still a lot of "swoosh" on the web. Maybe it's time to do some graphical work again. I believe that, the about boxes on the other platforms have some kind of very large picture, that can be moved to the windows platform?! But we still need to draw/build the other pictures. Do you have a large version of that "pen" or do you know where to get it?

    I do believe, that this "logo mess" is a "major bug". The logo is a part of abiwords identidy. Moving fast forward to the end, more and more people will know about abiword and all logos should be the same - I hate inconsistent work. Just to make everything clear: I'm, not angry - I just hate it!

    - Jan

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