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Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 07:29:51 EST

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    >>> Perhaps we need a webpage with plugin descriptions and usability...
    >> Sounds like a good idea to me. KOffice has a nice example IMO:
    > AbiWord has plugins for more than just import / export filters?
    > (Assuming that is so, can they be categorized on some basis -- maybe
    > have a table for import / export filters and separate tables for other
    > categories of plugin?)

    The two basic categories are (1) imp/exp filters, and (2) tools - the
    latter being somewhat ambiguous. The third category is really "other
    stuff", the "svg" & "referee" projects being code examples more than
    anything useful, the "html" being half-baked in STABLE and disabled
    completely now in HEAD in favour of the "xhtml" importer plugin (which is
    really an HTML importer and/or a Multipart [X]HTML importer)

     - so it can get quite messy.

    > Hmm, and I guess some (one) worked for like 1.0.2 but not 1.0.3 (the one
    > mentioned in this thread that was not compiled for the latest stable --
    > so the table should deal with that as well.

    sometimes the problem is with dependent libraries, whether libAiksaurus is
    the old GTK+-1.2 version or the new (and possibly broken) GTK+-2.0 version
    - who's in charge of aiksaurus these days anyway?

    > Are they all available from one location, or do we need a column in the
    > table to specify where (URL) to get the plugin?

    Most available from but old
    versions are generally hidden.

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