Re: AbiWord Cocoa for real use

From: Robert G. Werner (
Date: Sat Jun 28 2003 - 15:16:47 EDT

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    Hubert Figuiere wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I just wanted to let you know that today I wrote and printed my first
    > letter on AbiWord Cocoa (non X11 version for MacOS X). It went almost
    > flawlessly (at least it worked as expected).
    > This version is still not for everyone, but at least I wanted to state
    > that it begins to take a real good shape as I can edit and print a
    > letter entirely.
    > Before I did that under Linux.
    > Hub
    This is really cool. When it is ready for "regular user" testing (as
    oposed to geek bug stompers, I'll have my dad give it a run and see
    if he likes it.

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