commit (HEAD): ligature selection

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 13:27:03 EDT

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    When selection boundary splits the ligature, it is now drawn with
    using the two original glyphs. This works pretty well when the width
    of the ligature is not greatly different from the combined width of
    the original characters (all the currently supported Latin ligatures
    fall into this category).

    It is less neat when the ligature is much narrower than the combined
    widths, since it results in a certain overalp of the decomposed
    characters with each other and the text on the sides. Furthermore,
    where one of the decomposed characters is combining, it does not get
    overlaid, but takes a place of its own, shifting the base charater
    (and so making it overalp with its neigbour); the small bonus here is
    that it is possible to tell that it is just the combining character
    that is sellected. I am aware that this behaviour is nowhere near
    perfect, but I think with a little getting used to it makes the
    ligatures usable. This is essential for providing rudimentary support
    for Arabic, which is really why I bothered with ligatures in the
    first place. The Latin ligatures are merely a bonus, and should folk
    not like them, they can be just commented out of the data tables.

    files: fp_TextRun.cpp


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