Re: Unix glyph detection urgently needed

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 21:15:14 EDT

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     --- wrote: > Hi Andrew,
    > > Bug 2421: "TM, Bullet, Euro, Smart Quotes and
    > > other symbols originating in Windows Documents"
    > I can deal with the case where the glyph for the
    > Unicode codepoint is missing, but I suspect some of
    > the issues raised in the bug have to do with
    > import/export from win1252. I will remap (c) to
    > C, TM to T, Euro to E and smart quotes to ' and ".
    > > Yes the main objections were mine (: I stumbled
    > > across this code the other day and almost added a
    > > bunch of quote character mappings for various
    > > languages and then I wondered if it was the old
    > > soft-remapping code or some now code...
    > It is both old and new -- its new in the sense it
    > has been extracted from renderString() into a
    > function of its own, please add any extra quote
    > definitions.

    Are you aware of the other enhancements needed for
    quotes? French needs to map smart quotes to
    guillemettes but also with unbreakable
    But then if the font doesn't have the guillemette
    characters should it try to map them to << this >> or
    just plain old square quotes?
    We may or may not need some special code to draw half
    spaces, quarter spaces etc for the cases when the font
    doesn't claim to have them. Being spaces we don't
    actually render anything.

    Well something to think about for you. It's all in
    smart quote RFE I think if you look it up.


    > Tomas


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