Re: Should we force GNOME dependency?

From: M. Fioretti (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 16:42:06 EDT

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    On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 20:00:58 at 08:00:58PM +0200, Christian Neumair ( wrote:
    > We depend on libglade anyway and as it would be nice to use GNOME
    > defaults e.g. for cursor blink, I'd love to add a gconf dependency and
    > maybe we should even depend on the packages providing the neccessary
    > gconf keys.
    > So I'd love to remove the --enable-gnome configure time option and
    > always depend on GNOME.

    Speaking as an end user, that would be an excellent way to kill any
    interest in AbiWord from everybody unable to afford or stand the
    slowness, HW requirement and general bloat of Gnome, KDE or

    If one has to buy new HD, RAM, etc... just to write a letter, then it
    really makes more sense to go for something with a much bigger user
    community, printed Dummy books for sale, spreadsheet and other stuff
    already well integrated, etc...

    Please follow the links from the VUM:box which I announced here
    yesterday. They report that (current) AbiWord is the only really
    useable word processor on the disks/CPU/RAM they have. One of the main
    reasons is that the RULE installer puts (close to) ZERO KDE/GNOME
    stuff aboard.

    Sorry if this sounds harder than I mean it. Nothing personal of
    course, and I understand your sincere wish and effort to make a better
    product. AbiWord, however, takes a lot of its appeal from being lean
    and mean. Please keep it (even more) so.

                    Marco Fioretti

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