Re: POW - round trip XHTML. Minimum Gnome Office requirement.

From: Francis James Franklin (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 15:07:02 EDT

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    I'd like to add that list export is still kinda sucky (Bugs 1956 &
    3375) - a 3rd rewrite has been on my TODO list for quite some time.

    There's a meta bug (Bug 4415) which covers [X]HTML import/export issues.

    Other interesting HTML-related bugs: 3472, 3747, 4213, 4355, 4525, 4775.

    All of this is a little much for a single POW, but I think Martin's
    emphasis is on round-trip XHTML table import/export.

    Question: Are custom clip-board types supported? XHTML is basically a
    document structure and the copy&paste of a single table is encumbered
    by the document superstructure, i.e.:

    <?xml version="1.0">
    <!DOCTYPE html "... >
    <html xmlns="... >
       <etc. />
       <!-- and finally --><table>

    and I'm often tempted just to prune the peripheral elements, i.e.:

    <?xml version="1.0">
    <!DOCTYPE table "... >
    <table xmlns="... >

      - but it maybe it's not worth the effort?

    After all, what does gnumeric do when faced when a whole document? Or
    does it assume that the document contains a single table?

    Regards, Frank

    ps. I myself have not abandoned work towards round-trip XHTML
    import/export but I'm working on a completely new mechanism and only
    the gods know when it'll be working. If someone wants to add
    table-import capability to the current importer that would be very cool

    On Monday, June 23, 2003, at 06:28 PM, <>
    > Now Dom has done great work on X11 clipboard so that we can read and
    > write
    > XHTML. Gnumeric plans to (or has enabled) to copy and paste XHTML. We
    > have
    > pretty good export of XHTML, however our import of XHTML is rather
    > weak.
    > We need to able to read back our own xhtml documents and get the same
    > structure we wrote.

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