Re: Should we force GNOME dependency?

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 14:18:01 EDT

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    This is something that I have advocated in the past
    and it's been shot down by too large a majority of
    both our users and developers. Much as I'd love to
    give you the green-light, it's not realistically
    within my power, even as I'm the maintainer of this
    project. Why? I simply can't afford to alienate such a
    large group of our users and developers.

    You can depend on GConf stuff in the Gnome build. I
    highly recommend you write some virtual functions or
    functions that get implemented differently depending
    on whether HAVE_GNOME is set or not.


    bool getCanCursorBlink() {
    #ifdef HAVE_GNOME
      return GConf_Get_Boolean(CAN_CUSOR_BLINK);
      return AbiWord_Preferences->getCanCursorBlink();

    It's still entirely possible to integrate well with
    the underlying desktop using this type of programming.
    It's just a little trickier to do so.


    --- Christian Neumair <> wrote:
    > We depend on libglade anyway and as it would be nice
    > to use GNOME
    > defaults e.g. for cursor blink, I'd love to add a
    > gconf dependency and
    > maybe we should even depend on the packages
    > providing the neccessary
    > gconf keys.
    > So I'd love to remove the --enable-gnome configure
    > time option and
    > always depend on GNOME.
    > It will definitly be a pain to maintain two versions
    > as soon as we want
    > to integrate really deep with the desktop system
    > (and that's what you
    > expect a good application to do from a user's point
    > of view).
    > Of course - as we are already in beta stage - it is
    > target >2.0.x. I'm
    > just making proposals :).

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