POW - round trip XHTML. Minimum Gnome Office requirement.

From: msevior@physics.unimelb.edu.au
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 13:28:01 EDT

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    Hi Folks,
              As you have noticed from recent emails on the list, we plan to
    release a "Gnome Office 1.0" in cencert with Gnumeric when we
    reach 2.0 status and they reach 1.2 status. We may also get
    gnome-db at the same time.

    Now it's clear we won't have any sort of embedding in the time frame
    quoted but if we're going to have any sort of claim to being a "Suite" we
    have to at least be able to copy and paste between Gnumeric and AbiWord
    while preserving format.

    ie Select a range of cells in Gnumeric, paste them into AbiWord and get a
    nice table with the same fonts/boldness etc as AbiWord.

    and of course do the same in AbiWord. Select a table in AbiWord, paste it
    into Gnumeric and get the cells filled in the right order with the right
    font size/boldness etc.

    Now Dom has done great work on X11 clipboard so that we can read and write
    XHTML. Gnumeric plans to (or has enabled) to copy and paste XHTML. We have
    pretty good export of XHTML, however our import of XHTML is rather weak.

    We need to able to read back our own xhtml documents and get the same
    structure we wrote.

    So this POW is to get XHTML import to the same level our export is
    currently at.

    Any volenteers?



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