Re: AbiWord Weekly News #149 (2003, week 25) released

From: ericzen (
Date: Sun Jun 22 2003 - 17:31:13 EDT

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    On 2003.06.22 15:37 Alan Horkan wrote:
    > I dont think it is appropriate for you (EA Zen) to post conversations from
    > IRC for all to see. I know I cant stop you but I would much prefer if you
    > didn't, especially not without asking.
    > I dont want to be forced to choose my words on IRC as carefully as I might
    > do for an email which I know will be publically archived.

    Sorry, Alan, I think (post-sleep) I know what you might have been talking

    Actually, at first, I was thinking, "My God, that was very knee-jerk!" But
    when I went in to make the made/mad correction, I re-read it, and said, "Oh,
    that's the 'choose my words' bit he was all up on." Normally, that wouldn't
    have made it (that one part), but I really have been a bit off for the last two
    or three. I think my publishing record would show I tend to use a bit more
    acceptable language than that.

    Personally, I'm quite amazed no-one went in and fixed that one before me.

    Pants Off as part of the HIG was too funny to resist, civil liberties and all!


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