Commit (BOTH): BeOS work

From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 14:07:11 EDT

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    (in both trees, patch by Jun Suzki)

    -File -> open copy / save copy works well
    -number keypad works
    -enable env LANG=
    -bookmark and hyperlink dialog
    CVS: Modified Files:
    CVS: wp/ap/beos/ap_BeOSDialog_All.h
    CVS: wp/ap/beos/ap_BeOSDialog_InsertBookmark.cpp
    CVS: wp/ap/beos/ap_BeOSDialog_InsertHyperlink.cpp
    CVS: wp/ap/beos/ap_BeOSDialog_InsertHyperlink.h
    CVS: wp/ap/beos/ap_BeOSDialog_Spell.cpp wp/ap/beos/ap_BeOSFrame.cpp
    CVS: wp/ap/beos/ap_BeOSFrame.h wp/ap/beos/ap_BeOSPrefs.cpp
    CVS: af/ev/beos/ev_BeOSKeyboard.cpp af/ev/beos/ev_BeOSMenu.cpp
    CVS: af/ev/beos/ev_BeOSMenu.h af/xap/beos/xap_BeOSApp.h
    CVS: af/xap/beos/xap_BeOSDlg_FileOpenSaveAs.cpp
    CVS: af/xap/beos/xap_BeOSDlg_FontChooser.cpp


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