Re: bidi default to RTL option

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 15:33:11 EDT

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    Hi Dom,

    > 1) Editing a new document, your RTL pref is the same
    > as the one in normal.awt
    > 2) Editing an existing document, your RTL pref is the
    > same as the document you're editing
    > In this logic, it doesn't make sense to have a RTL
    > pref because you can change either the document's RTL
    > preference, or at most you want to add new RTL content
    > via changing the paragraph/span properties.

    #2 is the problem, because we cannot assume that every doc we load
    contains reasonable default values; this might be the case with ABW,
    RTF or DOC files, but not necessarily other files, such as plain
    text. If a Hebrew user loads a Hebrew plain text file and then
    decides she wants it to have two columns, without the global
    preference 'default to rtl' the columns will be in the wrong, LTR,
    order. This is simply because there is no document- and section-wide
    "dom-dir" property in a plain text file, and so when looking for the
    section "dom-dir" property determining the column order,
    PP_EvaluateProperty() will end up with the hard-coded value for "dom-
    dir" in PP_Properties.cpp, which is LTR. The global preference allows
    to change this hardcoded value to RTL and is really necessary.


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