Re: [Usability] [RFC] Proposed AbiWord preferences dialog mockup

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 13:45:20 EDT

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    On 3 Jun 2003, Christian Neumair wrote:

    > Date: 03 Jun 2003 16:48:24 +0200
    > From: Christian Neumair <>
    > To:,
    > Subject: [Usability] [RFC] Proposed AbiWord preferences dialog mockup
    > I just compiled a bunch of screenshots of my mockup for a new AbiWord
    > preferences dialog [1-4].
    > Please have a look at them and make proposals on what I can still
    > improve. I like it much more than the old dialog but I'm not completely
    > satisfied. Especially the buttons IMO are far away from looking perfect.
    > Thanks for your efforts!
    > regs,
    > Chris
    > [1]

    User Interface
    At some point this will probably need a radical overhaul.
    At this time I would be inclined to move the Toolbar Properties up and
    make the Available toolbars box much wider.

    > [2]

    I am fairly sure that you are not supposed to use
    "Don't Show"
    Instead you should use Show and default to On/Off as approrpriate.

    I will have to check most of the mnemonics in Abiword soon, there are
    problems. I dont recall if the Gnome Human Inteface Guidelines explain
    how to use mnemonics properly.

    The mnemonic _a has been used more than once.
    Finding it is left as an exercise for the reader.

    Using the _n in Dont for a mnemonic is not a good choice. I probably
    would have choosen the _w in white as it is a key word in the phrase.

    Mnemonics should generally choose the First letter of the first word.
    If the first letter is not available and there is more than one word
    try to choose the first letter of another word.
    If there is only one word try to choose the first letter of a syllable or

    I make an exception with Preferences, it is more useful to be consistant
    with an application as widely used as Netscape/Mozilla than anything else.
    Having _Edit Pr_eferences allows particularly quick access to a much used
    feature and muscle memory applies. (I think Dom changed this last week at
    my suggestion, but again I am not using an up-to-date version)

    If possible Mnemonics should be added to the Tab names, but that is an
    enhancemnt not a bug.

    [Watching Johnny Mnemonic a fortnight ago had the strange unexpected side
    effect of making me think too much about mnemonics in Abiword]

    > [3]

    > [4]

    Not happy about things that are named Miscellaneous/Other/Stuff as it a
    poor description. I might rearrange the tabs and try and regroup the
    options in an appropriate category and call the front tab
    "General" (to at least be consistant with another Operating System)

    If we were to do as some one else suggested and add a Reset button I think
    it should probably be put beside "Preference Schemes" (or included as
    "Factory Settings" scheme but i think that might be too deeply hidden).


    Alan Horkan

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