Re: programming AbiWord (was: Re: Code patches vs. macros vs. plugins (was: Re: Re[2]: INS)

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 21:10:42 EST

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     --- Omer Zak <> wrote: >
    > On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Tomas Frydrych wrote:
    > > AbiWord has a decent scripting framework in place
    > > which makes it possible to script it in pretty
    > > much anything decent.
    > Excellent!
    > > I think we would benefit from some simple
    > > scripting language very easy to use, something so
    > > simple that the church secretary might be able to
    > > use that for very basic stuff.
    > For very simple/beginner level tasks, Tcl is the
    > answer. If someone wants to do something more
    > complicated, which requires real program design and
    > programming, he can learn another scripting

    If you strongly feel that AbiWord needs Tcl support
    on top of the existing Perl and Python support, please
    file an RFE. That doens't mean anybody will implement
    it any time now but somebody might.

    > Now, does AbiWord have a mechanism to change the INS
    > key binding so that it'll invoke a script (which
    > will pop up a dialog, which needs an extra mouse
    > click to be dismissed) instead of changing the
    > caret color?

    No it doesn't. You should file an RFE to get APIs
    added/exported to trap arbitrary keypresses by
    scripting interface. It should be doable if somebody
    has the interest and the time to add it.

    Andrew Dunbar.

    > Omer


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