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From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 07:42:04 EST

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    On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 01:40:54 +0000 (GMT) Andrew Dunbar <> wrote:
    AD> Something which AbiWord doesn't seem to have yet is
    AD> a set of "unapproved" patches.

    ;-) see
    ok so some are of less than ideal quality, but others are
    unofficial enhancements that I sorta (only if asked and no-one has)

    AD> This is a perfect candidate for such a patch.
    AD> Somebody could write (and maintain) it for those
    AD> people who want it, for a price. The code is never
    AD> committed to the mainline AbiWord CVS server but is
    AD> kept elsewhere.
    AD> For Unix/Linux users that is all that would be needed.
    AD> For Windows users, they typically have no means of
    AD> building their own application binaries so we would
    AD> also need to build them and deliver them or place them
    AD> somewhere for download.

    Well I have a standing offer that I will provide customized
    personal builds for Windows (that is, compile binaries
    for those who ask with any of my patches, different
    set of options (e.g. with[out] libcurl support, or on
    stable with[out] jpeg support, ...), or user supplied
    patches. My time permitting of course. Long term of hosting
    compiled variations is a different issue (I prefer my bandwidth
    go to nightly build downloads than a bunch of modified versions).

    AD> SourceForge would probably be a good place to host
    AD> such an idea and PayPal could handle payments. In
    AD> fact
    AD> I'd do it myself right now but I don't have internet
    AD> access on my development machine.

    That's got to be a pain. :( I never could get QNX to see
    my network card[s], which is why I don't work on it.)

    AD> Still if anyone thinks this is a good idea, not may be
    AD> the time to discuss it.
    AD> Andrew Dunbar.

    As for the insert topic, aghh, its a very common task
    on [DOS/Windows based] computers, nearly every editor I've used
    (ok maybe not edlin) and word processor, even command lines
    (DOS & Windows) use the insert key to toggle between
    overwrite and insert mode. The block cursor vs non
    block cursor does seem to be the visual notifier IIRC.
    As for the color changing cursor, I suppose it will
    work, but it should be user customizable (so we can turn
    it black for both modes or partially color blind users can
    select one they can distiguish). :-)


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