Re: End Notes.

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 05:47:02 EST

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    Hi Martin,

    I would probably prefer if the endnotes and footnotes share as much
    code as possible for the sake of future maintanance.

    > Also we have be care about
    > deleting references. It is quite common to have multiple references to
    > the same end note. Do we want to maintaina reference count on the
    > endnote strux and delete when it drops to zero? (we can do this via
    > attribute/value pair). We might also want to delete the original
    > reference which would delete the EndNote text unless we put in special
    > purpose code in the piecetable..

    The way multiple references are handled in Word is by using
    NOTEREF field: you bookmark the primary reference, and then
    when you want to refer to the same note again, you insert a field
    {NOTEREF "my_bookmark"}. This works for both footnotes and
    endnotes, and together with the PAGEREF field in case of footnotes
    it is rather powerful. The bigest downside is that if you delete the
    note or the reference bookmark, all the other references turn into
    message "Error: bookmark not defined!"; tracking and fixing it
    through a 250 page manuscript is a minor nightmare.

    It would be invaluable if we could devise of mechanism that would
    allow to insert multiple references to both endnotes and footnotes,
    and warn you if you try to delete a primary reference which has
    secondary references attached to it.

    If we go down this road, the format of the secondary references
    should be customisable so that the reference could appear either as
    the note number or the number of the page on which the primary
    reference is, so that you could easily create things likel 'see note {3}
    on page {1}'.


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