commit: NSIS2 initial multiple language support in installer

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Thu Jan 09 2003 - 19:34:07 EST

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    add initial support for multiple languages (via modern UI)

    It is disabled by default until I get a chance to add modern UI stuff to
    NSIS2 in our cvs. You can test this by commenting the !define CLASSIC_UI
    at the top and compiling with a locally installed NSIS2.

    Presently, a little over a dozen languages are supportted by NSIS, so
    the various installer generic parts (Next, Back, ...) are translated
    but the AbiWord specific parts are of course still in English
    (AbiWord, Shortcuts, ...). Should the translatable parts be seperated
    into languages specific files that are included (and if so what should
    I name them, note NSIS uses full words, e.g. English, French, Spanish,...
    to specify a language) or as they presently are, together within the
    AbiWord2.nsi source? I'll probably split them off so should someone
    get around to translating them it will be easier (the catch is whenever
    a new string is added it must be added to a bunch of new files instead
    of just editing one file -- unless someone else is aware how to get
    NSIS to use a fallback language?).


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