bidi in AbiWord

From: Raphael Finkel (
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 09:03:47 EST

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    I have been trying out Yiddish with AbiWord, and I think I can explain most of
    what you have described as due to AbiWord's outermost directionality being ltr,
    not rtl. Under tools->preferences->templates, set "usual direction" to rtl, and
    I think you will find the placement problems are resolved. I think that the '('
    character is understood in Unicode to always mean "open paren", which needs to
    be displayed as ')' in rtl text. That's confusing, but at least one can make
    sense of it. Your modmap needs to convert the ')' keystroke into the '('
    character if you intend it to mean "open paren".


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