Re: RE : layout patch - transform handling needed

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 20:19:39 EST

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    Hi guys.

    I've been reading this thread with much interest yet
    it occurs to me that maybe something has been missed.
    The whole problem is that fonts do not scale in a
    linear fashion. As far as I am aware this is due to
    font hinting where fonts are made to look good when
    rasterized at small sizes. The problem then arises
    when a font at a small size is zoomed to a large size,
    thus making the font engine not bother with hinting.
    (The reverse is also possible but less likely).

    Perhaps there is another factor which also adds to
    non-linearity and if so, this seems to be well
    addressed by the methods already discussed.

    In the case of hinting though, this is part of the
    rasterizing process and thus affects the bitmaps and
    not the outline. Therefore applying any
    transformations to the outline is going to result in
    the same whether it's because of font size or zoom.
    To zoom a hinted glyph would mean to zoom the bitmap
    which would mean chunky pixels - yuck.

    The only way around this I can see is if FreeType et
    al had methods specifically for producing zoomed
    outlines of small-sized fonts which preserved the
    hinted metrics.

    Please let me know if I'm completely off track (:

    Andrew Dunbar.


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