Re: RE : layout patch - transform handling needed

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 09:35:38 EST

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    > FT2 has an api for transforms, and so if xft does
    > not, we should file
    > an xft bug. However, just because we cannot do this
    > on Unix, we
    > should not force the Unix limitations on the XP
    > code. Since
    > transform is the standard, and also most efficient,
    > way in which
    > scaling should be handled, we should have the XP
    > code assuming
    > transforms and then the platform code implementing
    > the behaviour in
    > whatever manner is best on the given platform.


    For the 5th time, we are not forcing this on XP code.
    This is a Unix workaround done solely in the Unix
    codebase. You are free to handle zooming however you
    want in the Win32 code, which can quite probably be
    done better than how we handled the Unix
    implementation. With Cuenca's help, we'll probably
    have a way to apply a transform to an FT_Face object.

    If you can apply a transform, then great. This was the
    best we could come up with in the Unix solution to
    fulfill our XP API. Please stop commenting on things
    without having a working understanding of the code at


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