Re: Backporting RTF export to wv?

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 17:00:44 EST

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    > A few logical statements:
    > wv is used by Abiword
    > wvRTF (wv RTF export) is broken
    > Abiword's RTF export code works
    > Thus why is wvRTF broken? Since I am mostly
    > interested in just Doc -> RTF
    > conversion, it occurs to me that perhaps fixing
    > wvRTF would be a good idea.

    This is because wv and AbiWord little if anything to
    do with each other in theory, but have similar sets of
    people working on them in practice (me, fjf).

    wvRTF was a 2-hour hack done by myself just to see if
    it'd work. And it sort-of did. But not well.
    Definitely not as well as it should be. It was a hack,
    after all. It never was a priority for me - the other
    wvXXX utilities did a reasonably decent job, and libwv
    was able to be used in AbiWord, which already had a
    great RTF exporter.

    That's not to say that wvRTF couldn't or shouldn't
    happen, just that up until now, I've had little (if
    any) incentive to make it happen. Add to that the fact
    that a company that tried to hijack wv's copyright now
    uses wvRTF in its product instead of libwv, makes me
    want to work on it even less.


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