Re: My native language called 'kelabit'

From: printf scanf (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 22:41:35 EST

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    Hello Kenneth
    Still not sure whether it is working yes or not? Sorry I'm new in this area. I'm learn this from you all. I would like to ask another question :
    -> set ABIROOT=\some\suitable\location\abiword
    Q1. what is that statement stand for ? I would like to place my ABIROOT directory at D:drive. I had tried set my ABIROOT as below :
    set ABIROOT=\d\abiword -----> It is that correct to set in D: drive
    Q2. I had done create my directory %ABIROOT% at D: Drive. My question is Why the statement/command cvs is not found?. Meaning that the commands below was failed right?
    cvs login (the password is "anoncvs")

    for your information I'm using Cygwin B20 to run this command. Please need some instruction for me to translate my native language into abiword.

    Thanks a lot if this thing can solve.




     "Kenneth J. Davis" <> wrote:On Thu, 13 Feb 2003 03:56:23 -0800 (PST) printf scanf wrote:

    ps> Hi Thanks for that.
    ps> sorry not to inform you that currently my OS is windows 2k. Do you
    ps> have any idea for my to compile it into windows base? if yes what is
    ps> the shell do you use.
    ps> Thanks

    On Windows you have several options:
    There is using cygwin and not using cygwin (see but
    basically it provides a Unix/Linux environment including bash).
    With cygwin installed you can use bash & its cvs and follow previous steps
    below, however I personally use native win32 cvs client and cmd.exe (the
    NT shell, similar but not quite the same as which the previous
    steps map to the following:

    set ABIROOT=\some\suitable\location\abiword
    mkdir %ABIROOT% (assumes command extensions or \some\suitable\location exists)
    cd %ABIROOT%
    cvs login (the password is "anoncvs")
    cvs checkout abi

    [Note: the basic difference is use \ instead of / for local paths,
    use %name% instead $name for environment variables, and use set instead of
    Don't forget to checkout the other cvs modules abidistfiles, nsis, ... (if
    you actually want it to compile).

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