commit: Code refactoring for EndNotes.

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 19:37:50 EST

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    CVS: Modified Files:
    CVS: text/fmt/xp/fl_DocLayout.cpp text/fmt/xp/fl_DocLayout.h
    CVS: text/fmt/xp/fl_DocListener.cpp
    CVS: text/fmt/xp/fl_FootnoteLayout.cpp
    CVS: text/fmt/xp/fl_FootnoteLayout.h
    CVS: text/fmt/xp/fl_SectionLayout.cpp
    CVS: text/fmt/xp/fl_SectionLayout.h
    CVS: text/fmt/xp/fp_FootnoteContainer.cpp
    CVS: text/fmt/xp/fp_FootnoteContainer.h text/fmt/xp/fv_View.cpp
    CVS: text/fmt/xp/fv_View.h text/ptbl/xp/pd_Document.cpp
    CVS: text/ptbl/xp/pf_Frag_Strux_Section.cpp
    CVS: text/ptbl/xp/pf_Frag_Strux_Section.h
    CVS: text/ptbl/xp/pf_Frag_TestRoutines.cpp
    CVS: text/ptbl/xp/pt_PT_Append.cpp
    CVS: text/ptbl/xp/pt_PT_DeleteSpan.cpp
    VS: text/ptbl/xp/pt_PT_DeleteStrux.cpp
    CVS: text/ptbl/xp/pt_PT_InsertStrux.cpp
    CVS: text/ptbl/xp/pt_PieceTable.cpp wp/ap/xp/ap_EditMethods.cpp
    Code refactoring for endnotes. Footnotes still work.

    This is most of the code needed for Endnotes. We can reuse lots of the
    code from Footnotes. I should have endnotes working by next week.



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