commit: abi: casting fun

From: F J Franklin (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 11:01:38 EST

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    sat down with some pedantic errors and decided to annoy people by changing
    casts... I even added a C-style cast just for hippietrail's amusement.


    o fix some casts; add constness to clipboard's paste data
    o remove unimplemented method in clipboard stream class in text importer

    CVS: Enter Log. Lines beginning with `CVS:' are removed automatically
    CVS: Committing in .
    CVS: Modified Files:
    CVS: src/af/xap/unix/xap_UnixClipboard.cpp
    CVS: src/af/xap/unix/xap_UnixClipboard.h
    CVS: src/af/xap/unix/xap_UnixDialogHelper.cpp
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fg_GraphicRaster.cpp
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fg_GraphicVector.cpp
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fl_AutoNum.cpp src/text/fmt/xp/fv_View_cmd.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixApp.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixClipboard.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixClipboard.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_LeftRuler.cpp src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_RTF.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_RTF.h src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_Text.cpp
    CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_Text.h

    Regards, Frank

    Francis James Franklin

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