Re: Win32 printing and CTFMON, QA question

From: Daniel Jensen (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 09:52:48 EST

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    Mark Gilbert wrote:
    >>BTW, for QA, what's the policy on verifying bugs which are verifiably
    >>fixed in head but not in stable? Should such bugs get verified as fixed
    >>unless the bug is slated for fixing in stable (is on the "make 1.0.5 not
    >>suck" list)?
    > Change the version field of the bugzilla entry to indicate STABLE cvs
    > branch, and make a note that the fix needs to be backported (as a
    > comment). Keep the bug open.

    I wasn't clear enough, sorry- I mean bugs which are in the RESOLVED
    state which I am wondering whether to verify. Should these really be

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