Win32 printing and CTFMON, QA question

From: Daniel Jensen (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 23:40:09 EST

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    As I noted in bug 3239, I found that disabling Microsoft's 'Advanced
    Text Services' fixed Abi's printing problem for me. I'm curious as to
    what proportion of the win32 printing difficulties may be related to
    these services. CTFMON is installed by recent versions of MS Office and
    appears to come by default on Win XP. MS describes how to disable it at;EN-US;q282599.

    BTW, for QA, what's the policy on verifying bugs which are verifiably
    fixed in head but not in stable? Should such bugs get verified as fixed
    unless the bug is slated for fixing in stable (is on the "make 1.0.5 not
    suck" list)?

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