Fwd: Re: commit: Format Footnotes screen shots.

From: Hubert Figuiere (hub@nyorp.abisource.com)
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 16:46:26 EST

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    Subject: Re: commit: Format Footnotes screen shots.
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    > Screen shots for format footnotes.
    > Also available at:
    > http://www.ph.unimelb.edu.au/~msevior/abiword/formatfootnotes-foot.png
    > http://www.ph.unimelb.edu.au/~msevior/abiword/formatfootnotes-end.png

    The dialogs are a bit cramped and as such dont follow the Gnome Human
    Interface Guidelines.

    Should i file a bug report or is a gui rework planned already?

    Alan Horkan

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