Win32 build is screwy! or is it me?

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Sat Aug 30 2003 - 07:29:56 EDT

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    Hello all,
    Do any of you experience these issues or is it just me?

    I went to update the build.zabw doc (why is this a binary file?
    instead of a simple .abw) and well, using Abi really sucked.

    I did find the zoom level effects the results some. Originally
    I used Page Width, but found 100% seemed less buggy.
    What I see:
    - the cursor, well it is sometimes after the letter to type and
    sometimes before (even several characters before), so don't even
    try to type and look at the screen to see where you are.
    - the letters, especially if you are switching between fonts
    (times vs courier), get overwritten, i.e. characters typed later
    overwrite or hide the characters before them (something like the
    picture shown in bug 5504)
    - highlighting is now a game, usually you have to start a few
    characters before the one you want to get a full word, and just
    watch the layout change (lines shrink & grow and the missing letters
    from previous point show & hide as the highlighted section changes)
    - perhaps related to some plugins, as I haven't yet tracked down
    the cause given its somewhat intermittent, AbiWord segfaults on exit.
    - unchanged document failed to load (my saved changes did not want
    to open initially, oddly I retried and my 2nd retry it opened fine),
    this may be related to the previous crash on close, so the file may
    just not have been able to open until the process completely died?

    All in all, I would like to know if any other dev/users see similar
    problems or if this is just something screwy with my build(s)?
    [I'm presently looking through bugzilla for similar bugs.]
    Unless these are all just some simple bugs or otherwise related
    to my building, I don't see the Windows build being ready for a
    2.0 release (at least I wouldn't release it on the public as is).

    Please let me know what your results are!

    [Oh yeah, using current CVS, only changes are in some DEBUGMSGs,
     Windows XP home.]

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