Re: FYI: KOffice will switch to file format

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Aug 28 2003 - 11:36:44 EDT

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    --- Alan Horkan <> wrote:
    > Developers interested in improving any part of
    > Abiword are always welcome
    > and help is always available on this list.

    I couldn't agree with this moreso. If you have time to
    help out, it is always greatly appreciated by both the
    other developers and users alike.

    Personally, what I found more interesting about the
    KOffice presentation at Nove Hrady was the following:

    "Current plans are either to rewrite the current API
    after KOffice 1.3 and KDE 3.2 releases or to reuse the
    newly born Enchant backend neutral spell checking

    Which'd be cool, IMO. Then they'd be using and quite
    possibly improving 2 substantial parts of GnomeOffice
    inside of KOffice (GSF, Enchant).

    That said, OOo is a good interchange format, but I
    still contend that it's a poor native format for any
    application != OOo. There are other interchange
    formats that will currently get us further in the
    short (and quite likely, long) term, such as RTF. I'd
    like to reiterate Werner Trobin's comments here:

    "Well, I dropped the idea of creating the [DOC] export
    code. One reason is that it's just an insane amount of
    work and I'm only one person with a very limited
    amount of time. The second reason is, that it's
    possible to express 100% (yes, really 100%, just read
    the RTF spec on MSDN) of the MS Word features using
    RTF. Due to that I'd rather help with RTF export than
    waste my time on direct .doc export."


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