FYI: KOffice will switch to file format

From: Erwin Tenhumberg (erwin.tenhumberg@Sun.COM)
Date: Tue Aug 26 2003 - 19:56:36 EDT

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    KOffice will switch to file format
    "We will switch to the OASIS ( file format
    for all the major applications. This has many advantages:

         * file format shared with the suite,
           we don't have to reinvent the wheel
         * we'll be able to drop our OOo import filters and
           use the export filters as a compatibility layer for
           older KOffice versions documents
         * we can actively participate in the standard file
           format creation in the the case of Kexi and Kugar
           which are applications that don't currently exist
           in OOo

    This is also a good opportunity to switch the names of
    our MIME types to the vnd.kde... naming scheme and to
    drop our KOffice-specific file extensions. It's again
    the users who will benefit from this step, e.g. on
    Windows it will be possible to open files created with
    a KOffice application using the suite."

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