Re[2]: commit: more plugin Makefile work

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Sun Aug 24 2003 - 13:33:20 EDT

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    On Sun, 24 Aug 2003 09:17:00 -0700 (PDT) Dom Lachowicz <> wrote:

    DL> --- "Kenneth J. Davis" <> wrote:
    DL> > I'll probably continue this for a few more plugins,
    DL> > but won't bug the
    DL> > list with them. I'm also looking into why --to
    DL> > doesn't work for me.
    DL> > (it is required to build the html help docs in
    DL> > abiword-docs, though
    DL> > they may just simply not be built on Windows, more
    DL> > later)
    DL> Please look into that. AFAIK, it works on Win32 - Mike
    DL> Pritchett recently did the work necessary for the
    DL> documentation to get built and installed on win32 via
    DL> the 'make dist' target, I think.
    DL> Dom

    I have traced the failure to the stat call in UT_isRegularFile,
    which seems to be correctly failing, as the current directory
    is not the same as it should be. Tracing in my debugger and
    explicitly specifying what I want to be the working directory
    (C:\AbiSource\AbiWord\abiword-docs\ABW\en-US) still has the
    current directory as C:\Documents and Settings\All
    Users\Documents\AppVerifierLogs. So I need to see what's up
    with this.

    In the shell script that generates the html files (,
    would replacing the ls -1 *.abw with echo *.abw, and removing
    the call to basename (which seems to have no effect on the filenames)
    break it for other platforms? I presently do not have these
    programs on my computer and they aren't needed for any other part
    of the build. I still need to install ActiveState Perl for the
    perl code. And could someone more familiar with it, please
    explain to me what the find line does?


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