Re: fonts on Unix: where are they?

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Aug 14 2003 - 16:37:28 EDT

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    Hi Raphael,

    AbiWord on Unix actually knows < 0 about locating,
    loading, and using fonts. It leaves all of this up to
    FontConfig. Which means that FontConfig on box A is
    probably set up slightly differently than FontConfig
    on box B.


    --- Raphael Finkel <> wrote:
    > I cannot figure out why AbiWord shows me the Arial
    > and Lucida Sans
    > Unicode fonts when I run it on machine A but not
    > machine B.
    > A and B are identical in every respect I have looked
    > at:
    > ldconfig -p shows the same output.
    > /usr/X11/lib/fonts/ have identical content.
    > printenv shows the same content (except for host
    > name and ssh session
    > identifier).
    > ldd `which abiword` shows identical output.
    > Many files are actually shared by A and B, mounting
    > from a common
    > server:
    > All of the AbiWord executables and libraries.
    > I run AbiWord on both A and B from an X session on
    > machine D, so they
    > see identical X configuration, I should think.
    > I cannot figure out where AbiWord is finding Lucida
    > Sans Unicode on
    > machine A!
    > Raphael

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